Ferntree Gully Change


Joes Chocolate Almonds 225gm
$6.49 each
Apricot&​Coconut Slice Tubs200g
$5.79 each
Cracker Mix 90g
$2.99 each
Dark Deluxe Choc Mix 170g
$5.99 each
Deluxe Mixed Buts Rst/​Slt 150g
$5.99 each
Entertainment Mix 350g
$4.99 each
J.​C.​'S Almonds Smoked 375g
$10.99 each
J.​C.​'S Aus Kri Chilli Peanut 330g
$5.00 each
J.​C.​'S Choc Bud Mix 200gm
$4.29 each
J.​C.​'S La Mix 200g
$4.29 each
J.​C.​'S Peanuts Salted Australian 500g
$4.99 each
J.​C.​'S Peanuts Unsalted Australian 500g
$4.99 each
J.​C.​'S Pistachios Salted 375g
$12.99 each
J.​C.​'S Pretzel Knots 250g
$3.99 each
J.​C.​'S Rice Crackers 350g
$3.99 each
J.​C.​'S Rice Wheels BBQ 140g
$2.49 each
J.​C.​'S Soya Crisps Original 200g
$4.49 each
J.​C.​'S Walnuts Natural 350g
$10.99 each
Jc's Joes Wasabi Pea Tub 175gm
$4.29 each
Jcs Almonds Roasted 375g
$10.99 each
Jcs Cashews Multigrain & Soy Snack Mix 300g
$6.99 each
Jcs Dryrstd Salted Pnut 700g
$8.99 each
Jcs Rice Wheels Chilli 140g
$2.49 each
Joes Apricot Delight 200g
$5.79 each
Joes Chocolate Sultanas 250gm
$5.49 each
Joes Corn Nuts Cheese 175gm
$4.29 each
Kk Peanut Coconut Cream 265g
$4.49 each
Roast Pork Crackle 75g
$3.49 each
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11-13 Alpine Street, Ferntree Gully
Vic, Australia • 3156

(03) 97523063 | ftgfoodworks@gmail.com

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